Zeta Communities Inc. Closes California Modular Home Factory

Modular homebuilder Zeta Communities Inc. suddenly closed its Sacramento, Calif. Factory recently.

Zeta Communities reported the closure to State of California last week.

Buyers working with Zeta Communities will now have to look elsewhere to complete modular building projects.

While demand for modular construction continues to rise, especially in California, options for building a modular home in California continue to shrink. However, Irontown Homees continually builds and delivers high quality, custom modular homes in the area that meet the highest standards.

Irontown Homes can meet the demand left by the closure of Zeta Communities Inc.

Our 60,000 sq. ft. factory in Spanish Fork, Utah has been building and then setting homes in the Sacramento and surrounding area in Northern California for more than a decade. We understand the unique challenges of building modular homes in California and the opportunity modular construction offers to homebuilders and homebuyers.

With Zeta Communities closing the doors to its factory in Sacramento, our experience building in the area gives builders the opportunity to build with a reliable, modular homebuilder.

Our focus has always been on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations when it comes to capabilities, design and quality of the homes we build. By utilizing cutting-edge building technology with a focus on energy efficiency, we help buyers build more efficiently and often save time and money during the process.

Learn more about building with Irontown Modular.

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