A Better Way to Build with Irontown Modular


With more than 40 years of experience, your construction project is in the best hands possible with Irontown Modular. We build everything from temporary housing and employee accommodations to restaurants, small hotels, multi-family housing and a variety of additional light commercial projects.

Building with Irontown Modular Means...

  • Get A Building Built to Meet and Exceed the Highest Standards of Quality & Durability
  • A Building Built Faster while Meeting Your Budget
  • Work with an Experienced Modular Construction Team Every Step of the Way
  • Get a Qualified Team to Manage Your Project

Irontown has a long history of both home moving and modular construction with the experience to get your project built right. From the time Richard Valgardson started Irontown to today, we have always taken pride in offering the highest quality construction options to our customers.

Whether you’re interested in building a retail complex, luxury multi-family housing, a small hotel, or any other light commercial building, we’ll help you build faster and smarter so your building can start earning you a profit quicker.

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