What is a Permanent Modular Home Exactly?

Modular home building is becoming more popular because of its efficiency and eco-friendly nature. But, what is a permanent modular home exactly?

What is a Permanent Modular Home Exactly?

Modular homes are not exactly what most people picture them as–as small tiny home type houses that you can move anywhere you want.

While modular homes are built in individual pieces that are put together at the end of the building process, they are just as permanent as a home built on-site.

They have to adhere to various building codes that make them just as safe as regularly built home.

Modular homes are built in a warehouse, away from the elements, which usually helps the building stay on track and go faster than on-site home building.

Because they generally take less time to build, the cost is less than doing any regular home build.

Permanent modular homes are also built in any custom design that a client may want. They can look as elegant and splendid as homes built on-site, which most people don’t know.

Modular homes can look modern, rural, colonial, or Mediterranean. What customers want, they can usually get.

Additionally, just like a regularly built home, permanent modular homes can include basements and crawl spaces. They also do not cost any more on taxes than regular homes do.

So, what is a permanent modular home exactly? It’s a home like any other, that may take less time to build and more cost-effective in the long run.

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