The Delayed Promise of Tiny Homes for California’s Homeless

In March 2023, Governor Gavin Newsom pledged to deliver 1,200 tiny homes to help California’s homeless in Sacramento, San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego County. Over a year later, none are occupied, and only about 150 have been purchased.


Vendor Frustration and Delays 

Vendors like Irontown Modular are puzzled by the lack of orders. Kam Valgardson, Irontown’s general manager, emphasized the unmet needs of the homeless, despite allocated funds. Delays are due to funding changes and difficulties in finding locations.


State vs. Local Government Blame 

The state blames local governments for the holdups, while local officials struggle with shifting project parameters and logistical challenges. Originally, the state planned to buy and deliver the homes, but later shifted to providing cash grants, complicating efforts.


Progress and Remaining Challenges 

Sacramento has made some progress with construction, while San Diego County and San Jose are still in planning stages. Los Angeles hasn’t finalized locations yet.


Vendor Limbo 

Approved vendors have not received additional orders, citing lack of state promotion and cumbersome approval processes.



Newsom’s tiny home initiative faces significant delays due to bureaucratic and logistical issues, highlighting the need for streamlined processes and better state-local coordination to address homelessness effectively.


Kendall, Marisa. “Newsom promised 1,200 tiny homes for homeless Californians. A year later, none have opened” May 23, 2024, Click Here for the Full Article

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