Small Homes Are Not Tiny Homes

The tiny home revolution is still going strong, with several TV shows spotlighting them. For many, their homes are movable and don’t always have full amenities that a normal home might.

Small homes, which somewhat differ from tiny homes, have a few more advantages than tiny homes.

Small homes can be made more secure and permanent. For examples, a home in Florida was made to be especially safe if a hurricane was to occur. These homes also have full electrical, sewage, and running water. Basically, it has all the functions of a regular sized home…it’s just smaller.

Like tiny homes, small homes can be prefabricated in a warehouse and assembled in a single day. This makes the inconvenience to neighbors and overall process much neater.

The finishes on small homes can be elaborate and very homie feeling. The siding can be just as beautiful as regular homes and added finishes will make you feel like you’re in a deluxe home.

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Here are some photo examples of a small home in Florida that can make anyone feel comfortable.

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