SledHaus Designs For Recreational Property Owners

SledHaus is a new company that we are excited about! The company builds tiny luxury homes that are affordable, comfortable, and well, luxurious!

SledHaus gears its products towards recreational property owners who do not want to drive an RV back and forth or sleep in a tent when they’re out on a weekend getaway.

With quartz countertops, wood ceiling paneling, metal siding, and full-size stainless steel appliances, SledHaus is taking outdoor living and recreational spaces to a new level.

SledHaus’s 572 square foot tiny luxury cabins are built to IRC codes and designed to be versatile, as well as expandable. New modules can be added on to create more bedrooms or living space, which is a truly valuable aspect of these homes.

Floor to ceiling windows allow for a more eco-friendly home, relying on natural sunlight instead of artificial light. A smaller space means less energy required, making a smaller environmental footprint.

Even more, these homes can be used as permanent tiny luxury cabins or as non-permanent ones that you can tow behind you. These modular homes can be simply put on gravel or be completely hooked in to have regular plumbing.

We are excited to be working with these builders and see what they have to offer! If you’re interested, come check them out at the International Sportsmen’s Expo on March 16-19, 2017.

Here’s a video rendering of what these homes look like. Truly beautiful!

See all the Sledhaus floor plans in our catalog under Residential Floor Plans.

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