SLEDhaus at Utah Valley Parade of Homes

Spanish Fork, Utah – The Utah Valley Parade of Homes is bringing out a smaller surprise that visitors may be surprised to see this year.

Irontown Homes, a modular home builder out of Spanish Fork, Utah, is using the Parade of Homes to feature their new tiny home.

SLEDhaus will be significantly smaller than the other homes being showcased in the Parade of Homes but is sure to get attention as a unique tiny cabin or recreational property. At 572 sq. ft., SLEDhaus is Irontown Homes’ smallest build, yet still feels luxurious.

“With the SLEDhaus you get the perfect space for your recreational property,” said Irontown Homes Kam Valgardson. “We know there are a lot of people with property in remote locations with few options available when it comes to housing on that land. We built the SLEDhaus as a great fit for someone looking to utilize their land in a more permanent way without sacrificing comfort.”

SLEDhaus visitors can stop by the tiny home in Orem to get the complete experience. They will be able to see the open great room, large kitchen, full-sized bedroom and bathroom, and a comfortable loft for extra space.

Irontown Homes builds each unit to meet IRC Code, can be financed with a mortgage, can have full-coverage insurance, and be appealing to any type of buyer.

SLEDhaus is a diverse housing option–it can be used as a temporary unit for longer getaways or as a permanent, less expensive option for any property.

“The Utah Valley Home Builders Association welcomes Irontown Homes as one of the 2017 Parade of Homes® exhibitors,” said Amber Hutchings, Director of Events for the Parade of Homes. “Irontown Homes is an actively involved, and supportive member of our Association. We are excited for them to showcase their product and services next to one of the parade homes this year.”

Each SLEDhaus sleeps up to 7, making it ideal even for larger families. To see the SLEDhaus for yourself, get your tickets to the Utah Valley Parade of Homes and for more information, visit or call 1-801-798-9026.

Utah Builder Showcasing Tiny Home in Utah Valley Parade of Homes
When: June 8 – June 24, 2017
Where: Located at 92 West 2070 South, Orem, Utah 84058

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