How Builders Go Green With Modular Homes

Modular homes are up and coming in the building world for many reasons. One of the reasons is how builders go green with modular homes. They can be more environmentally friendly and leave a smaller footprint on the Earth.


How Builders Go Green with Modular Homes

Modular home builder Michelle Kauffmann recently sat down for an interview to discuss the steps she takes to create a green home, like the one seen above.



The roofing she uses is a two part roof. Part of it is insulated and part of it helps to reduce the amount of heat that is released back into the atmosphere by absorbing the heat. There are also solar panels that also collect rain water and flush it into a pool, where it will then be filtered. The water that’s collected will be used to irrigate the lawn.



Aside from the roof collecting rain water, Michelle also implemented a gray water system. That means that extra or leftover water from the shower or washing machine will be used as toilet water, instead of having new water for that.


Additionally, for the showers, they will have low-flow shower heads to reduce the amount of water used. The toilets will be dual flush so you can choose how much water is used each time you flush.



Michelle makes sure that all of the lights that are used are LED light bulbs since they are 90 times more efficient than standard ones. Also, all of their appliances are Energy Star rated so they know they’re certified efficient.


She also makes sure to include plenty of windows, many that go to the floor, so that the need to have the lights on is reduced. Having such large windows allows more light in, for much more of the day.


Modular homes are an easy way to stay green and reduce your carbon footprint. Like Michelle Kauffmann, Irontown Homes strives to be green and fit your needs per project.




Video Interview with green prefab home designer Michelle Kaufmann


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