Breaking Ground: Utah Lawmakers Propel Affordable Housing Revolution with SB168 for Streamlined Modular Homes!

Utah’s housing landscape is on the brink of a game-changing transformation as lawmakers delve into Senate Bill 168 (SB168), a visionary move to simplify the construction and sale of modular houses. The goal? Build homes faster and make them more affordable. Senator Lincoln Fillmore, the driving force behind SB168, is pushing for a statewide building code for modular homes, a shift that could reshape the industry in Utah.

“This bill aligns with 40 other states who have streamlined the process to one location for approval at the state level,” says Nicole Graham, representing ZenniHome.

Currently, navigating the approval process is a bureaucratic maze, with manufacturers needing the nod from over 240 cities and towns.

  • Affordable Dreams: Imagine beautiful one-bedroom homes for $90,000 and two-bedroom stunners for $120,000 – that’s the promise ZenniHome brings.
  • Scaling Possibilities: Kam Valgardson of Irontown Modular adds that setting a statewide code could not only simplify approvals but also increase demand, helping businesses scale efforts and drive down home prices.

This isn’t just legislative talk; it’s a vision for more affordable housing. Advocates stress the impact on rural Utah’s housing shortage, and Cameron Diehl from the Utah League of Cities and Towns believes it could make waves in urban areas too.

“We think it’ll make a difference in being able to provide housing units in rural Utah where there’s a shortage of contractors or laborers or other aspects of the residential construction industry,” says Diehl.

The enthusiasm is palpable as the Senate committee gives a unanimous 5-0 nod to SB168. Now, all eyes are on the full Utah Senate, poised to decide the fate of a bill that could redefine how we build homes in the Beehive State.

Get ready for a housing revolution!


1. Could modular, factory-built homes help Utah’s housing crisis? – By Katie McKellar,  Published on, February 8, 2024

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