Advantages of Modular Home Building

Modular home building is becoming more popular but still isn’t quite understood. There are advantages to modular homebuilding that on-site homebuilding does not have.

Advantages of Modular Homebuilding

1. Shorter Construction Time

One of the greatest advantages of modular home building is the reduced construction time. Modular homes usually take about 30% less time to build than on-site homes.

Because modular homes are built inside of large warehouses, weather delays are out of the question. Also, delays due to workers not showing up are reduced compared to on-site building.

2. Energy Efficient

Modular homes are energy efficient and comfortable. There is no sacrifice being made when you build a modular home. Most modular homes are built with 2×6 wood beams, which insulate your home more.

The builders also have easier access to sealing off areas where air might come in, like wall sockets. They can create tighter fits and put more brackets to hold walls together to increase insulation.

3. Quality Construction

Getting quality construction is one of the advantages of modular home building. Builders are better able to make sure that corners are tight because of unique tools and jigs that can only be used in a warehouse.

Additionally, all interior walls are lag-bolted to the outside walls and at the end of the process, straps are but in place to brace the wall to the floor.

4. Cost Efficient

Many on-site builders run into unseen or additional costs that come up to the owner’s displeasure. In modular home building, this does not occur as often because there are hardly weather delays or lost days of work.

Also, since the amount of time to built a house is less with modular building, construction financing is reduced and the customer saves money.

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