4 Reasons Modular Construction is Better for Homebuilders

Preconceptions and misconceptions dominate the thoughts of most builders when it comes to prefab or modular construction. Modular is often linked to mobile in too many people’s minds despite the process being an entirely different construction approach.


Prefabrication in home construction has been utilized for centuries and consumers and builders today have more options than ever before when it comes to building prefab homes.


Yet, preconceptions prevent most builders from even considering a modular approach to their building process. Despite the preconceptions, modular construction offers significant benefits to home builders that can help save them time and make them more money.


Modular Construction offers a better way to build because it offers builders:


  • More Control and It’s Easier to Manage
  • Faster Construction Process
  • Build Homes Indistinguishable from Site-Built Homes
  • Complete Customization


More Control and Easier to Manage

By completing up to 95% of the construction in the factory, Irontown Homes can make managing the entire homebuilding process much easier to put you in better control of the entire project.


While most builders hire 20 to 30 subcontractors on a project, Irontown Homes can manage and complete the work of as many as 30 different tradesmen at its factory. By managing the entire subcontracting process in a single location from the framing to interior and exterior finishes and everything in between, we significantly reduce the difficulties associated with working with so many different trades.


Faster Construction Process

Irontown Homes factory building process allows home builders to complete projects in as much as half the time as on-site construction. The linear nature of on-site construction requires each building stage be completed before moving to the next stage. Irontown Homes provides off-site construction simultaneously as the foundation and other on-site preparation are taking place.


Once the modules arrive and are set into place at the construction site, builders can complete the project in a matter of weeks. Our factory setting also allows us to avoid weather delays, prevent vandalism and eliminate theft to ensure we can meet every deadline.


Indistinguishable from Site-Built Homes

Modular homes are often indistinguishable from site-built homes and regularly exceed the quality.


Irontown Homes conducts multiple quality inspections throughout the construction process to ensure each home is built to the highest possible level of quality and meets or exceeds building standards.


The factory setting also protects the entire structure during construction to ensure harmful weather never damages any part of the home.


And with the transportation and craning involved in building a modular home, individual modules are engineered to a higher standard of durability.


Complete Customization

Homebuilders working with Irontown Homes have the ability to create completely custom homes. Irontown Homes has unique versatility when it comes to building modular. We offer a selection of predesigned plans, but can also build from any plan or floor plan to give builders the option to create a completely custom home.


Irontown Homes provides factory construction for single-family homes, small multifamily units and light commercial projects. See our floor plans to find out what Irontown Modular can build.


Working with Irontown Homes means you get a factory committed to meeting your needs as a builder without ever sacrificing quality. With energy costs on the rise and real estate climbing again in many markets throughout the United States, consumers and builders have a better way to build with Irontown Homes.

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